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ONCU Tomato & Pepper Paste Mix 1600g

Premium paste made from world famous Turkish tomatoes and peppers without any additional preservatives. This mix is essential for Turkish cuisine and pot meals.
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Would the conversation ever be complete without Roasted Sunflower Seeds? Carefully select the sunflower seeds, which have been grown in the fertile soil of Anatolia for centuries and are the first snacks that come to mind, among the products grown with care and effort. It packs by controlling the size, taste, salt and humidity of each bean that passes tests and analyzes in taste quality; We have been carrying Roasted Sunflower Seeds, which are always fresh, to your home for decades to accompany your happy moments. Sunflower seeds do not end right away like most snacks; lasts for days, weeks and always goes well in summer, winter, day, night, at home, on the street, alone or with your loved ones. With your favorite brewed tea or your favorite fizzy drink that you chilled in ice. The choice is yours!
The Turkish word for lokum comes from the Arabic name rahat al-hulqum meaning “comfort of the throat”. Invented by an Ottoman villager, this incredible sweet was first sold in a confectionery shop in late 18th century. Shortly after, it was introduced to Europe, Turkish delight became a major delicacy in Britain, as well as throughout Continental Europe for the aristocracy. Indeed, it had become common practice among upper class socialites to exchange lokum pieces wrapped in silk handkerchiefs. The roots of Hazer Baba dates back to 1888. It was the first company which used modern equipment and production techniques, while strictly being loyal to authentic recipes. This brought rapid success to Hazer Baba, since the company was able to preserve the original taste of Turkish delight without compromising today’s high standards of food safety. Hazer Baba has become a well-known brand in over 30 countries, single-handedly producing the majority of all Turkish delight exports.
Pınar Fresh Kashar Cheese reigns supreme (Pınar Fresh Kashar Cheese is the biggest helper/assistant in the kitchen) in the kitchen. It is known as the tasty favourite that can be served sliced at breakfast, grated in cooked dishes and incorporated into all kinds of baked treats for visiting guests. Its unique flavour enhances toast, pizzas and pasta dishes. Pınar Fresh Kashar is a semi-firm type of natural cheese and which is made from pasteurized cows’ milk.
Known as the “Cheddar cheese of the Balkans," Kashkaval is a pantry favorite throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Made from cow's milk, Tahsildaroglu Aged Kashaval is aged for 6 months to impart extra sharp flavor. This medium-hard cheese is a breakfast staple in the Balkans and a delicious table cheese. Its semi-hard texture also makes it a natural for melting. Enjoy the slightly salty, nutty and tangy flavor profile of our Aged Kashkaval in omelets, lasagnas and on pizza.