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100% Natural & Handmade Olive Oil soap cleanses your skin just like the old days. Traditionally made in Turkey with no additives or parfumes.
Produced from culinary olive oil of the Ayvalık region with low acidity level through traditional methods, this soap contains 100% olive oil. Since ancient times, olive oil soaps have been used as bath soaps. Indispensable for health skin and well cared for hair, olive oil soap maintains the moisture level of your skin. This soap has a neutral pH level thanks to the olive oil with low acidity level used in its making.
Arko Classic Oily Cream, also known as miracle cream, provides a unique care against adverse conditions such as dryness, flaking, excessive tension feeling, cracking that occur on the skin due to changing weather conditions, and regains the skin oil and moisture balance. Providing a soft and smooth appearance to the skin, Arko Classic Oily Cream prevents your skin from drying. It makes the skin soft after shaving and bath. It is the ideal cream for the whole family. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, it helps to prevent the skin from cracking in cold weather. It has an intense moisturizing structure for dry skin.
Traditional Pure White Soap has a natural colour and a unique soap which can be used both your body and your clothes. Dalan products have succeeded reaching 132 countries in 5 continents by the year 2007. Dalan has a 20% share in Turkish bar soap exports and by its volume, it is among the top 5 exporting firms in the sub-sector of soap and other cleaning products.
Anyone who has ever spent time or simply visited Turkey could easily attest to the Turks affinity for cologne, aka "kolonya." The main difference between perfume and kolonya, which is widely popular in Turkey, is its ratio of essential oils to alcohol of which the latter can reach up to 80%. Experts these days are saying that kolonya with a rate of even 50% or more of alcohol content could serve as an excellent preventative measure in spreading viruses and bacteria. In fact, it could very well be Turkey’s affinity for kolonya that may have ensured the country remained immune to the virus crisis for so long as using this refreshing and disinfecting product has always been a prevailing tradition in this country.
Yumoş Concentrated Softener The special series with Orchid and Jasmine scents provides a flower garden scent in the laundry thanks to its flower scent essences. The unique scent of wild orchid and jasmine flower of Yumos concentrated softener persists for a long time in cabinets.