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Pastırma is a form of Turkish cured meat with exceptional flavor, a delicate texture, and a lingering taste. The predecessor to the Italian pastrami,
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Pastirma as well as basterma, is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef that is part of the cuisines of a number of countries. Pastırma can be eaten as a breakfast dish and it is a commonly ingredient for omelettes, menemen or a variation of eggs benedict.
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A traditional fresh, white cheese made from sheep's milk.
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Adana Kebab is from minced meat. Since it can be found at all kebab restaurants in Turkey and at most Turkish restaurants around the world, the Adana name still suggests kebab to many people.
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Arzum Okka Minio is a state-of-the-art, award-winning Turkish/Greek Coffee machine that brews delicious coffee with perfect foam in a matter of minutes
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This 100% natural, healthy and light snack is made from carefully-selected maize. Gusto Corn Puffs are bought by millions of people worldwide
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100% natural, squeezed apple juice from Turkey
100% natural, squeeze pomegranate, grape and apple juice
Zero Sweet Apple by Anadolu Efes is a Non-Alcoholic Beer
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Turkish dessert similar to baklava. .It is stuffed with a cream, which is made from milk and semolina, and also pistachio in it
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This Turkish red pepper and walnut spread is popular for breakfast. It is traditionally served on bread or toast.
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Suitable for grinding spices, pepper, coriander, salt, cardamom, mustard, cumin, sumac. Manual Pepper Mill with Handle,MADE IN EUROPE: Most of our products are sourced from several countries like Italy, Bosnia, and Turkey.
Mesir paste was founded as a medicine during the Ottoman period but later on it became an important part of local festivity in the city of Manisa. Below is a list of spices and herbs used in making the Mesir Paste.
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Bread (ekmek) is an essential part of the Turkish meal and is therefore eaten daily,
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Sesame bread stick with Anise 400 gr
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Cubed Sugar is hard and slow-dissolving, and Extra Hard Cubes are extra-hard and dissolve very slowly so that coffee or tea can be sipped through them
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Zarrin Pure Ceylon special OPA tea in a 1lb loose leaf package. Pure Ceylon black tea is rich in flavonoid antioxidant goodness. This is a source of well-being and naturalness. Enjoy the light, delicious and natural taste with this tea leaves and make your day as fresh as you can. Antioxidants are the main body purifiers in nature. Live naturally and enjoy your life with great pleasure with the help of this tea. This is OPA grade tea, which means Orange Pekoe A. The tea does not have orange flavor. Orange Pekoe A is a tea grade which stands for bold, long leaf tea which ranges from tightly wound to almost open. Contains caffeine. Net Weight: 454 grams
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Zarrin Ceylon Select tea in a 1lb loose leaf package. Pure Ceylon black tea is rich in flavonoid antioxidant goodness. Antioxidants are the main body purifiers in nature. Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory as well as cancer fighting properties. Enjoy the light, delicious and natural taste of these tea leaves and make your day as fresh as you can. This tea has the pleasant light citrus flavor of bergamot earl grey. Enjoy your cup of tea with added honey or flavored/unflavored hard sugar cubes. Contains caffeine. Net Weight: 1 lb
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Turkish cuisine is famous for its endless varieties of delicious layered pies and pastries, called 'börek'. 'Börek' is made with layers of yufka or phyllo. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is filled with everything from meat, cheese, spinach, and even spiced-up mashed potato. Most Turkish folks eat 'börek' several times a week. That's why you'll find 'börek' in every home, pastry shop and bakery. Families often pass recipes and 'börek'-making skills down through generations, and everyone adds their own touch.
Inferred from the saffron crocus, saffron is a golden spice flavor that's utilized to color or zest a bunch of food recipes. One of the world’s most costly flavors, saffron might be worth the cost considering the delightful flavor it brings to a huge number of dishes and the astounding wellbeing benefits it offers. Saffron is filled with flavor producing compounds as well as supplements like vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. Since antiquated times, saffron has been utilized medicinally, so it’s not shocking that restorative analysts are looking closely at this fragrant zest. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have saffron in your flavor rack, you might need to cure that circumstance once you learn approximately the wellbeing benefits it offers. Saffron reduces heart disease, enhances bone health, supports the immune system and many more.
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Ulker Chocolate Wafer consists of a magnificent cream and a delicious chocolate coating among thin crunchy wafer leaves. It is a classic Ülker flavor.
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Premium paste made from world famous Turkish tomatoes without any additional preservatives. Tomato paste is essential for Turkish cuisine and pot meals.
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Premium paste made from world famous Turkish tomatoes without any additional preservatives. Tomato paste is essential for Turkish cuisine and pot meals.
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Attracting attention with its protein and vitamin richness, broad beans are consumed in many parts of the world. The benefits of broad beans that regulate health, speed up metabolism and keep parasites away from the body are endless.
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The homeland of red beans, which has a history of 8000 years, is Peru. Red beans, which are found in many culinary cultures, especially in American and Indian cuisines, are produced and consumed in many countries today. It contains high protein, fiber, iron, phosphorus and potassium.
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Hazelnut Spread is a delicious product obtained by roasting carefully selected hazelnuts, mixing them with sugar, naturally identical vanilla flavor and cocoa and crushing them.
Produced with years of experience, TekSüt whole white cheese is indispensable for the breakfast of everybody. Crumbling nicely in the mouth with its special texture, TekSüt whole white cheese can be smoothly removed from its package and served thanks to its easy-to-open cover and practical package. TekSüt whole white cheese can be consumed with pleasure at every meal. It also suits to light meals such as salads and sandwiches especially in summers with its light and fresh taste. We bring TekSüt whole white cheese to your tables in various portions.
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Due to its appearance which looks like a ram; these chickpeas are called "ram chickpeas" in Turkey. The size of this type of chickpea is over 9 mm when calibrated. This type of chickpea is very suitable for hot dishes and stews. It is grown in Karaman and Konya region of Turkey.
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