Turkish Olive Oil

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It is obtained by applying mechanical or physical processes such as washing, crushing, kneading, centrifugation and filtration processes in a thermal environment that will not cause any change in its natural qualities from the olive tree fruit, which is suitable for the characteristics of its class in terms of its physical, chemical and sensory properties and can be consumed as food in its natural state. oil.
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Cold pressed from carefully tended olives growing in the Ayvalik region of Turkey, on the sunny Aegean Sea coast, Kirlangic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a culinary treasure. Considered the “motherland” of olives, with 2.5 million olive trees in cultivation, Ayvalik is renowned for its exceptional EVOO. Kirlangiç EVOO has a light flavor and rich texture that will enliven any dish. Perfect for salads, spreads and dips, and delicious eaten with warm bread, our EVOO is worth savoring every day.
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The olive tree is the oldest known cultivated tree in history. Cherished for its precious olives and olive oil since 600 BC, this sturdy tree has helped sustain civilizations bordering the Mediterranean Sea for many millennia. Today, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an indispensable part of daily life in every Grecian household, used not only in cuisine but in family and religious rituals. Krinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil Silver is made with olives growing on the Greek Island of Crete, an ideal terrain for olive cultivation because of its exceptional climate, mineral rich soil and Mediterranean Sea breezes. Home to the ancient Minoans, the first thriving European civilization, Crete was featured in the 1960 “Seven Countries Study” which formed the foundation for the now famous Mediterranean Diet. That study showed greatly reduced rates of heart disease and cancers among Cretans, because their dietary habits included fresh fruits and vegetables, limited meat protein – and a lot of EVOO. At Krinos, our olives are cultivated by small family owned growers who hand-pick the olives to avoid bruising, and then gently cold-press them to preserve their full flavor. The result is a delicious olive oil with a rich aroma, fruity flavor, silky texture and the characteristic peppery finish of great EVOOs. This exceptional and versatile olive oil is delicious for everyday hot and cold preparations, including salad dressings, spreads, marinades and sauces. With a stronger flavor profile than a regular olive oil, Krinos EVOO Silver is wonderful savored with bread.
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More than any other Greek product, olive oil evokes the very essence of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Rich in antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory properties, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a daily necessity that should not be missing from any table. Minerva EVOO is made with olives that are hand-picked, to avoid bruising, and that grow in the ideal conditions. The result, an EVOO with a luxurious texture, a deep fruity flavor and tangy finish. Perfect for cold and hot preparations in salad dressings, sauces and drizzled on dips and spreads, this prized olive oil is also delicious savored with warm bread.
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With a distinctive taste that generations upon generations of people in Greece associate with delicious family meals, olive oil is an indispensable part of daily life in every Greek household. Light green in color, and with the light flavor of freshly-cut olives, Minerva Olive Oil is made with 100% pure olive oil. More delicate in flavor than Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our Classic Oil is incredibly versatile because it highlights the flavor of food. Enjoy Minerva Olive Oil in salad dressings, marinades, soups and sauces – and as an ingredient in dips and spreads.
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