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Sayfa başına
HALAL FRESH Beef Salami is made with ground beef seasoned with spices, garlic and natural smoke flavor. Perfect for children and meat eaters, our Beef Salami is natural lunchbox fare and a quick and satisfying snack any time of the day. Grill, broil or pan sear HALAL FRESH Beef Salami and its depth of flavor will fully emerge! For a “grown up” take on a salami sandwich, slice and pan sauté our salami and serve open faced on toast with lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper and mayo – topped with a fried or poached egg. Or crisp up our beef salami on mini hamburger buns with sriracha or wasabi mayo, sweet relish and sliced tomato for yummy game day or movie night sliders. Dice our Beef Salami into small cubes and pan sauté with your favorite veggies to add extra savory goodness to omelets, frittatas or egg scrambles. Or add it diced and pan seared to soup, chili or black beans and rice.
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