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Bahçıvan Old Kashkaval Cheese is produced from pasteurized milk. Cheddars are kept in a specially designed ripening room to obtain their unique taste and smell. Being dense in good bacteria, old cheddar cheese is rich in probiotics. Cheeses produced under hygienic conditions and untouched by human hands; it is nutritious and delicious. One of the most important factors affecting the quality of cheese is to take the milk fresh, preserve it under the most suitable conditions and process it in the fastest way. Bahçıvan Gıda has its own milk collection centers. Milk taken from the producers is transferred to the milk collection centers in the fastest way and stored. The milk that passes pre-controls in milk collection centers is transferred to the production facilities by being taken to tankers.
Chechil cheese, usually made from skimmed milk; White, odorless, semi-soft and easily dispersible in the mouth, it is among the regional cheese varieties that are frequently consumed in our country.
For those who prefer soft texture and light taste. Since it produced with Ultra Filtration method, the cheese is fermented in the package. This cheese can easily spreadable as well as sliceable. With this feature it is widely enjoyable by kids and elderly.
Bahçıvan White Cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk; It is indispensable for cheese lovers with its porcelain white color and unique taste. It is produced with special production techniques in Turkey has a unique flavor and texture. It is ready to serve, easy to store, and it suits many recipes from breakfast to sandwiches, salads to pastas.
Bahçıvan Kashkaval Cheeses; It is kept in a specially designed maturation room. In this room, it acquires its unique taste, odor and yellowish color. When it is ripe, it is carefully packed under hygienic conditions. Its packaging is easy to open and speeds up kitchens.
Knitted cheese, which resembles Circassian cheese in terms of flavor, is a dairy product whose production requires a lot of effort. Knitted cheese produced under traditional production conditions in Diyarbakır's Karacadağ region is a fresh cheese type obtained from cow's milk. It is salty because it is a pickled cheese.