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Carob Molasses is prepared according to Arifo─člu methods without applying high heat treatment of Carob fruit grown in the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. It is produced by concentrating the carob juice obtained by the cold squeezing method in a vacuum system.
Mulberry molasses can be consumed in many different ways. Those with low blood sugar and anemia problems can consume 2 tablespoons before breakfast on an empty stomach. Since molasses has a dense consistency, it may be difficult to consume it alone. For this reason, it is another alternative to consume it by mixing tahini. It can be used by adding it to beverages such as milk and tea. It can also be consumed by adding sugar in some desserts.
It is a sweet syrup unique to Anatolia, produced by crushing and boiling fruits such as molasses, grapes, figs, carob or mulberry or agricultural products that can easily turn into sugar, such as sugar beet and juniper fruit. Molasses has a dense consistency and dark color. Mulberry fruit is a seedless fruit with seeds and varieties in white and purple. It can be eaten dried or made into molasses. The date the mulberry molasses is made is usually in the middle of June.