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Carob grows on trees, is a member of the legume family, and is frequently turned into a popular chocolate substitute. It's also known as locust bean or St. John's bread, and has been cultivated since the late 1800s in the Mediterranean and other parts of the world with similar climates. The tree produces brown, leathery pods six to 12 inches long with inedible seeds that turn from green to brown as they ripen. Raw, ripe pods are consumed by humans as a sweetmeat, but more often are used as animal feed due to their high sugar content.
Antep pistachios are top of the line pistachios imported from Turkey. The weather and region make ideal conditions to harvest pistachios at their ripest. These are the best tasting pistachios without question. Perfect nutty taste with a little sweetness and even a tiny bit of bitterness. Very complex tasting. It has just right amount of salt.