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Formülü tam dört nesildir sır gibi saklanan, 1932 yılından bu yana tüketicilerine keyifli ve lezzetli bir içim sunan Efsane Uludağ Gazozu, şimdi yepyeni ince kutusunda tüketicisiyle buluşmaya devam ediyor!
Lemonade has become the people's choice for the freshness and originality of our food
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Made in Turkey Glass Bottle - No Sugar Added - No Preservatives - Squeezed From Fresh Pomegranates.
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Borsec (Borszek) is situated in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, and is one of the most renown curative spas in the subalpine, windless, peat-rich county of Harghita. It is listed in the register of historical monuments. Bottling of Borsec commenced over two hundred years ago; since modernization in 1992, the facility outputs two million liters per month of its legendary "Regina Apelor Minerale SA Borsec" (Mineral Water Queen Borsec). The curative properties of the water were already known in the 1600s, and for centuries it was transported by carts in wooden casks to be served in the Royal Court in Vienna. It was Emperor Franz Josef who dubbed Borsec the "Queen of Mineral Waters."
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In deep depths of Earth, far from pollution, and under special geological conditions over the years, decades and centuries, a very special gift of nature has been continuously produced. Radenska Classic Water boasts a rich content and an excellent combination of diluted mineral substances, as well as natural carbon dioxide bubbles. Radenska is the top-selling water in Slovenia. this product is loved by all!
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Want to try something new? Order Fanta Shokata, it has a floral and tangy taste, made of natural elderflower with lemon, will quench your thirst, and absolutely refresh you! Use this shokata as the base of your cocktail mixer. 100% natural flavoured caffeine-free drink, popular in the Balkans.
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