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For those who prefer soft texture and light taste. Since it produced with Ultra Filtration method, the cheese is fermented in the package. This cheese can easily spreadable as well as sliceable. With this feature it is widely enjoyable by kids and elderly.
In addition to its soft and smooth consistency, İçim Labne can be easily consumed at every meal thanks to its easily spread structure. It is a unique option for those looking for delicious and practical snacks at breakfast, snacks or at any time of the day. It can be consumed alone, especially during breakfast, or spreaded on bread thanks to its unique compatibility with marmalade, jam or honey. It is a very practical and delicious option for those who want to have a small but delicious getaway with snacks thanks to its unique harmony with grissini. In addition, İçim Labne is also the choice of hosts who want to host their guests in the best way possible. It can be used in a wide variety of appetizers and sauces as well as pastry, pastry, pasta and soup. It also adds flavor to savory recipes, as well as a staple flavor of desserts such as cheesecake and tiramisu.
Pinar Labne is a variety of fresh cheese. Produced under hygienic conditions and full-automatically, "Pinar Labne" has special taste, somewhat similar to that of yoghurt and can be easily spread on slice of bread as well as can be used when preparing cake, cheesecake, cookies, pastry and tiramisu and various delicatessen and mayonnaise.
Pinar’s Premium White Cheese is made with 100% pure and fresh cow’s milk, sourced only from special villages with the best cows. It’s a product made from the best of nature, that will bring out the best you.