Dried Fruits

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Commonly referred to as the "queen of all dates", the authentic North-african Deglet Nour date has a soft touch, a translucent light color and a soft honey-like taste, characteristics which distinguish it from other dates. Medjool dates have a rich, almost caramel-like taste and a soft, chewy texture whereas regular dates, commonly called Deglet Noor, are usually smaller and have a firm flesh and a sweet, delicate flavor.
Native from Southern Russia through Turkey and Iran, this shrub has been introduced to North America, where it has become an invasive. It's roots host a bacteria that fixes nitrogen, so it does fine in rather poor soils. The red fruits are lightly sweet-tart with a dry, mealy mouth feel. The photo specimens, labeled "Igde", were purchased in Los Angeles from a multi-ethnic market serving significant communities from the plant's native regions.
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Real Fruit Cube Dragee - Dark & Milk & White Chocolate Covered Fig, The combination of the unique flavor of the fig and the irresistible taste of Elit , Chocolate covered fig is a dessert made in turkey with a great combination of real fruit cubes dipped in Elit chocolate
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Kerem Chestnuts are cooked, peeled and ready to enjoy!
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So soft and chewy, so bursting with terrific taste, you need look no further for the satisfaction you crave. We packed it so full of fresh fruit flavor, there was less room for the things you could do without. Less sugar, fat free and absolutely no dairy or high fructose corn syrup makes Wiley Wallaby the candy your conscience feels better about, too.
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New season Turkish dried apricots... Turkish apricots are picked at peak ripeness giving them a delicious and naturally sweet taste ยท These dried mediterranean apricots make a perfect healthy snack ...
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