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Only for Pa,Nj,Ny,Oh,De,Md,Va,In, Il,, Ct,MA, Me,VT, Wv,Nc state customers. Kokoreci is a dish of the Balkans and Asia Minor, consisting of lamb or goat intestines wrapped around seasoned offal, including sweetbreads, hearts, lungs, or kidneys, and typically grilled; a variant consists of chopped innards cooked on a griddle. The intestines of suckling lambs are preferred. ❄️PERISHABLE ITEM❄️❄️ Perishables must be shipped using FedEx express shipping methods. We recommend all perishable items ship overnight or 2nd shipping at the latest. All frozen items will be shipped with ice packs, in an insulated box liner. we recommend choosing overnight delivery, for any frozen items to prevent items from perishing, otherwise Turkishfoodmarket will not be responsible for any damages that may occur.
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