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Kaymak is a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream, made from the milk of water buffalo, cows, sheep, or goats in Central Asia, some Balkan countries, some Caucasus countries, Turkic regions, Iran and Iraq. The traditional method of making kaymak is to boil the milk slowly, then simmer it for two hours over a very low heat. After the heat source is shut off, the cream is skimmed and left to chill (and mildly ferment) for several hours or days. Kaymak has a high percentage of milk fat, typically about 60%. It has a thick, creamy consistency (not entirely compact, because of milk protein fibers) and a rich taste.
If you like to have a tasty and nutritious dairy item on your breakfast tables, Pinar Thick cream is a fit for you. Similar to clotted cream/qaymaq yet contains less fat. Spread it to your bread or dip with your pita. You can use honey as a topping for thick cream to create more delicious bites.