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Bahçıvan Old Kashkaval Cheese is produced from pasteurized milk. Cheddars are kept in a specially designed ripening room to obtain their unique taste and smell. Being dense in good bacteria, old cheddar cheese is rich in probiotics. Cheeses produced under hygienic conditions and untouched by human hands; it is nutritious and delicious. One of the most important factors affecting the quality of cheese is to take the milk fresh, preserve it under the most suitable conditions and process it in the fastest way. Bahçıvan Gıda has its own milk collection centers. Milk taken from the producers is transferred to the milk collection centers in the fastest way and stored. The milk that passes pre-controls in milk collection centers is transferred to the production facilities by being taken to tankers.
Bahçıvan Kashkaval Cheeses; It is kept in a specially designed maturation room. In this room, it acquires its unique taste, odor and yellowish color. When it is ripe, it is carefully packed under hygienic conditions. Its packaging is easy to open and speeds up kitchens.
Pınar Fresh Kashkaval Cheese is produced from pasteurized cow's milk. It has a semi-rigid structure. Fresh cheddar; In addition to using it in toast and pizza making, you can use it as a sauce in pastas. Packaged in an easy-to-open package.
Pınar Fresh Kashar Cheese reigns supreme (Pınar Fresh Kashar Cheese is the biggest helper/assistant in the kitchen) in the kitchen. It is known as the tasty favourite that can be served sliced at breakfast, grated in cooked dishes and incorporated into all kinds of baked treats for visiting guests. Its unique flavour enhances toast, pizzas and pasta dishes. Pınar Fresh Kashar is a semi-firm type of natural cheese and which is made from pasteurized cows’ milk.
Known as the “Cheddar cheese of the Balkans," Kashkaval is a pantry favorite throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Made from cow's milk, Tahsildaroglu Aged Kashaval is aged for 6 months to impart extra sharp flavor. This medium-hard cheese is a breakfast staple in the Balkans and a delicious table cheese. Its semi-hard texture also makes it a natural for melting. Enjoy the slightly salty, nutty and tangy flavor profile of our Aged Kashkaval in omelets, lasagnas and on pizza.
Tahsildaroğlu Maturated Kashkaval Cheese contains %90 goat's milk and is matured for at least 180 days from production date. It is an indispensable flavour for ones with distinct taste. Maturated Kashkaval Cheese is generally consumed on cheese plates and at breakfasts.