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A fine mix of Ulker's best sellers!
Ülker Çizi got its name from the pronunciation of the word "cheesy" which means "with cheese" in English. This cheesy and salty flavor calms your hunger when you have a snack. Ülker Çizi, the snack of every moment you get hungry at school, at home or at work, is a very delicious biscuit with its crispness and taste. Moreover, the extra satisfying Ciziviç variety with cheese cream between Çizi's two Çizi is another way to soothe your hunger.
ÜLKER Cokoprens, which has become a legend with its great taste and the great cocoa cream inside it, is the only prince in everyone's heart! 10 Pieces x 30gr = 300 gram Net Weight : 10.58 oz
Eti Cicibebe Biscuits, specially prepared for babies, instantly dissolves in liquids such as milk or fruit juice and takes the consistency of food. Containing 12 different vitamins and 7 different minerals, the biscuit stands out with its nourishing feature. The product that does not contain trans fat meets most of the daily vitamin and mineral needs of babies. Fresh eggs and biscuits with a high percentage of milk are among the foods babies love to consume. Biscuit, which can be given to babies at every meal during the transition period from breast milk to formula, also draws attention with its probiotic fiber content. It can also be used in many desserts. When Eti Cicibebe Bisküvi is stored in a cool and dry place, it preserves its freshness throughout its shelf life.
Eti Cin is a joyful product with its special orange pulp and cocoa granules on special mold biscuit.. Perfect combination of jelly and biscuit!
Eti Sultani 3-piece is a product that you can enjoy during the day. Eti Burçak Sultani, one of the most beloved flavors of the Eti Burçak family, is a feast of taste with a mixture of carefully selected grape grains in the consistency of bran and delicious Eti biscuit. It is an ideal snack for those who do not compromise on both taste and light nutrition. It cheers up your tea hours and offers a quick treat to your guests.