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The homeland of red beans, which has a history of 8000 years, is Peru. Red beans, which are found in many culinary cultures, especially in American and Indian cuisines, are produced and consumed in many countries today. It contains high protein, fiber, iron, phosphorus and potassium.
White kidney bean is a kind of Turkish bean whose grain color is white and whose grain shape is kidney. This type of bean is mid-sized with a caliber of 8 mm and is grown in Karaman and Konya provinces of Turkey which are famous for the superior flavor of a bean. Another difference of this region’s bean is that they do not release shells when cooked. White kidney bean is the most common type of bean that is consumed in Turkey.
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The beans maturing in the field are separated from the shell and sifted, calibrated and offered to consumption by eliminating foreign substances. It is the most preferred beans by the consumers because of its taste, rapid cooking, durability, thin shell, soil feature and being cultivated with snow water. It is coarse-grained, rounded and flat-looking, one end flat and the other end oval and vivid white colour. The local differences and homogeneous structure of bean is very important. It is mostly cultivated in Central Anatolia, Nevsehir, Derinkuyu, Nigde and Erzincan regions.
Attracting attention with its protein and vitamin richness, broad beans are consumed in many parts of the world. The benefits of broad beans that regulate health, speed up metabolism and keep parasites away from the body are endless.
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