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This flavor feast, which is a gift to all of us who know the taste of the pistachio tree Pistacia, love to pamper themselves and enjoy life, is one of the oldest known hard-shelled fruits in the world, sought after with its high nutritional value and taste! You can eat pistachios, which has been a sought-after flavor even in king's tables since the first ages, as a snack, serve it with cold drinks, or use it in making recipes such as cakes, cakes and chocolate that it complements very well. From the farmers who grow pistachios with care and effort, Tadım, whose homeland is our region of Gaziantep, chooses in accordance with quality standards; After meticulous screening, sorting and analysis, we pack it for you so that not a single sealed pistachio comes out of the packages. Always fresh, Tadım Pistachio is coarse-grained, with appropriate clarity and salt ratio in all grains. Pistachio is an indispensable snack not only with its taste but also with its health benefits!