'acuka' ile etiketlenen ürünler

Sayfa başına
Penguin Lütenitsa Sauce is the legendary sauce of balkans consisting of roasted peppers, roasted eggplant, tomatoes and various spices. You can serve Penguin Lütenitsa Sauce with different dishes at any time of the day. You can turn your meat, meatballs, chicken, pasta, hamburger, potatoes, salads, pies, pizza and omelettes into unique flavors with Penguen Lütenitsa . If you like to prepare delicious, healthy and practical meals for pleasant tables in your kitchen, Penguen Lütenitsa will be indispensable for you.
With its appetizing feature, Tamek Paprika Sauce is now available with a spreadable consistency, you can use paprika sauce, which you can enjoy as a snack at every meal of the day, whether it is spread on bread or as a sauce with your meals.
While breakfast sauce is indispensable for your breads, you will not be able to get enough of it on your toasts, canapes or with grissini.