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‘Two leaves and a bud’ – this special rule also applies to our Altinbaş tea, where only the bud and two youngest leaves of the tea bush are used. Altinbaş tea has a distinctive taste, and both its aroma and flavour unfold as soon as you start preparing it. Enjoy Altinbaş tea with friends or at any other occasion.
What is ayran? It's is a Turkish yogurt drink made of only three ingredients: yogurt, water and salt. This traditional Turkish drink is salty and tangy and also healthy. As a savory yogurt drink, ayran is usually served cold or with ice alongside main dishes for lunch or dinner.
The light taste, distinctive aroma and its clear colour makes Çayçıçeğı a special type of tea. Tea drinkers who are looking for something unique will love this blend. This natural tea without additives contains one-fifth leaf buds and is the ideal tea for a lovely afternoon with friends or at home.
One of our most popular teas: the Filiz Çay. Only the most delicate, youngest leaves from the tea plant are selected and carefully processed for use in this tea. It contains no additives and is a treat for any occasion. Even after an evening meal, the digestibility of this tea means that it is easy to enjoy and will give tea drinkers a feel-good factor in accordance with the motto ‘where there is tea, there is joy’.
Inişdibi Natural Mineral Water is one of the rare cold natural mineral waters in the world. It is a Ca-HCO3 type mineral water with zero bacteria and no nitrite. Since the amount of sodium in its liter is less than 20 mg, it has a structure that can be easily consumed by those on a sodium diet. It is a drink that pregnant and children can safely consume together with the minerals it contains. Thanks to its balanced mineral structure, it can be bottled as in its source without the need for any pre-treatment. Filling from the source also eliminates the risk of any germ contamination.
The unique breakfast tea. With a subtle aroma and delicate taste, Kamelya tea is particularly well suited to individual tea blends